Bausor Folbre

Professors Randall Bausor and Nancy Folbre retire

The UMass Amherst Department of Economics announces the retirements of Professors Randall Bausor and Nancy Folbre.

Randall Basuor

Randall Bausor earned his PhD from Duke and joined the department 1979. He served as Undergraduate Program Director from 2000-2009. He most recently coordinated a newly implemented Undergraduate Research Assistantship program, partnering undergraduate students with faculty members to research topics such as Allison Glass’ work with Diane Flaherty on the garment industry in developing countries. Professor Bausor regularly taught History of Economic Thought and his research interests include mathematical economics.

Nancy Folbre
Nancy Folbre

Nancy Folbre earned her PhD from UMass Amherst. After receiving her doctorate, she taught at Bowdoin College and the New School for Social Research before joining the department as associate professor in 1984. Professor Folbre describes her research interests as the “interface between feminist theory and political economy, with a particular interest in caring labor and other forms of non-market work.” She is a weekly contributor to the New York Times Economix blog and is the author of over a dozen books including Greed, Lust and Gender: A History of Economic Ideas (2009), Saving State U: Why We Must Fix Public Higher Education (2009), and Valuing Children: Rethinking the Economics of the Family (2008).