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Remembering Stephen Resnick (1938-2013)

Stephen Resnick

The Department of Economics announces the passing of Stephen Resnick, one of our greatest scholars and a founder of the modern department. Steve was one of the leading Marxist economists and Marxian theorists of his generation. A winner of the University of Massachusetts Distinguished Teaching Award, Steve’s classes inspired many scores of graduate students and thousands of undergraduates.

Steve earned his PhD at MIT in 1964 and came to UMass Amherst in 1973 after teaching at Yale and City College of New York. With longtime collaborator UMass Amherst Economics Professor Emeritus Richard Wolff, Steve was a founder and leader of the Association of Economic and Social Analysis and the Rethinking Marxism journal, conference, and movement. Steve was Professor Emeritus and Helen Sheridan Memorial Scholar. At the time of his death, he was working on a multitude of projects including entitlements and benefits in a capitalist economy.

For more about Professor Resnick, his life, and his accomplishments, you can visit his online memorialread The Republican story, written by one of his former students, and read The Daily Collegian article.


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I just watched a couple of his online lectures to help me out with a school project talking about philosophy and materialism and I found his lectures to be completely immersing. What a shame to find out he has passed on, nevertheless he seemed like a great professor and great person

Steve was a great teacher! I was his TA for 2 semesters and took two classes from him 10 years ago as a PhD student.
His death is a loss of the heterodox economics. Please pass our condolence to his family.

The world is less because Steve is gone. I feel his loss. He was a great teacher and I feel lucky to have been his student.

Steve Cohn

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