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Boyce explains Econ4 in Valley Advocate

James Boyce

James Boyce, UMass Amherst economics professor, is interviewed by the Valley Advocate about Econ4, a new initiative focused on economics for people, for the planet, and for the future. The organization supports the Occupy Wall Street movement and opposes what it calls “the ideological cleansing of the economics profession” and the “political cleansing in the vital debate over the causes and consequences of our current economic crisis.” (Valley Advocate, 12/22/11)

“We can’t just write on our computers,” Boyce says. “We need a strategy for communicating ideas. We aim to do an end run around the corporate-controlled media and its talking heads by using new information technologies.”

By contributing Internet-friendly teaching materials and creating a collaborative space for an online community of dissident economists—their Network for Innovative Economics Teaching—Econ4 hopes to change the study and implementation of economics.

“Part of the problem is economics itself, in the research being done and the economics being taught,” Boyce continues. “We want to change the public understanding of how the economy works, and, more importantly, how it should work.”


Mukherjee wins best paper at ISLE conference

Avanti Mukherjee

Avanti Mukherjee, UMass Amherst Economics graduate student, was awarded the Sanjay Thakur Young Labour Economist award for the best paper at the 53rd annual conference of the Indian Society of Labour Economics (ISLE) held at Udaipur, Dec 17-19. This award is given to an economist under the age of 40, who writes and presents a paper at the annual meeting. This year around 350 papers were eligible, and Avanti was given the award for her paper “Exploring Inter-State Variations of Rural Women’s Paid and Unpaid Work in India.” 

The ISLE was founded in 1957 by distinguished Indian academics, in the field of labour and industrial relations, especially Shri V.V. Giri, who later became the president of India.