Badgett’s book reviewed in Globe

M.V. Lee Badgett

The book When Gay People Get Married: What Happens When Societies Legalize Same-Sex Marriage, by M.V. Lee Badgett, UMass Amherst economics professor and director of the Center for Public Policy and Administration, is reviewed as part of a discussion of how legalized same-sex marriage is gaining respectability and recognition as more states legalize it. The Globe article, “Making the case for gay marriage,” cites Badgett’s findings that legalizing same-sex marriage can benefit society as well as the couple. “The research suggests that legal relationships among gay men in Europe appear to encourage monogamy, resulting in lower rates of HIV and syphilis. Gay couples who marry generally report a feeling of inclusion, which reduces what Badgett calls ‘minority stress.'” (Globe, 7/24/11)

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