UMass Amherst grad students to attend EEA conference

The Eastern Economic Association is a not-for-profit corporation whose object is to promote educational and scholarly exchange on economic affairs.  Towards that end, the Association encourages the freedom of research and discussion.  In pursuit of these goals it publishes the Eastern Economic Journal and holds an annual conference and meeting of members.

The 37th annual conference is set for for February 25-27, 2011 in New York City.  The following UMass Amherst economics graduate students will be attending and presenting papers:

Amit Basole, “Relations of Production and Modes of Knowledge Appropriation:  A Case-Study of Weaving in India”

Thomas Bernardin, “Understanding Credit Bubbles:  The Role of Positive Feedback Processes in Driving Credit Expansion”

Gerald Epstein & Jessica Carrick-Hagenbarth, “Financial Economists, Financial Interests and Dark Corners of the Meltdown: It’s Time to Set Ethical Standards for the Economics Profession”

Nina Eichacker, “Placing Iceland’s Financial Crisis in Historical Context”

Gonzalo Hernandez Jimenez, “Terms of Trade and Output Fluctuations in Colombia”

Josh Mason, “How Much of the Fall in Investment Since 2007 Was Due to Tighter Credit Constraints?”

Hyun Woong Park, “Endogeneity of Money and the State in Marx’s Theory of Non-Commodity”

Costa Lapavitsas & Iren Levina, “Financial Profit:  Profit from Production and Profit upon Alienation”

Martin Rapetti, “Policy Coordination in a Competitive Real Exchange Rate Strategy for Development”

Tomas Nielsen Rotta, “A Marxian Theory of Financialization”

Mark Silverman, “The Ideological Effects of the Nomothetic Construction of Economics”

Mihnea Tudoreanu, “Causes of the Soviet Collapse:  The Marxist Views”

Zhun Xu & Hyun Woong Park, “Turnover and its Influence on the Rate of Profit”

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