Friedman on 22News inFocus: Decision 2010

Gerald Friedman

Gerald Friedman, UMass Amherst economics professor, and Jens Christiansen, Mount Holyoke economics professor, appeared on 22News inFocus: Decision 2010.   Friedman and Christiansen discuss the current political climate, voter motivation and upcoming mid-term elections. 

Friedman notes that most people act out of hope, not out of fear.  He believes that a democratic government can work effectively, but is concerned that voters are discouraged and will give up.  This, says Friedman, may ultimately lead them to turn toward an extremist group.  

Friedman and Christiansen also discuss the likelihood that Republicans will gain control of the House and the Senate in November and provide commentary on the gaining popularity of  the Tea Party.  (22News, 9/20/10)