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wa Githinji awarded Faculty Research Grant/Healy Endowment Grant

Mwangi wa Githinji

Mwangi wa Githinji, UMass Amherst economics professor, has been awarded the Faculty Research Grant/Healy Endowment Grant for the March 2010 award cycle.  Offered by the UMass Amherst Office of Research, the Faculty Research Grant/Healey Endowment Grant program encourages scholarly research and creative activities by members of the campus faculty; the program’s goal is to increase extramural sponsored research activity.

His research project, titled Industrialization by Destination:  The relationship between trade and industrialization in African countries, involves a two part study.  First, he will examine the level of sophistication of trade and its relation to industrialization in the country of origin, both historically and cross country in Africa.  Second, he will estimate what determines the sophistication of the exports. In particular, he is interested in seeing whether African countries that exported to less sophisticated markets (mostly other African countries) had more sophisticated exports than you would expect given their human capital, GDP, physical capital, institutions and land size.

Pollin UMass Economics

Pollin: Fed should do more to address unemployment

Robert Pollin, Professor and Co-Director of PERI

Robert Pollin, economics professor and co-director of the Political Economy Research Institute (PERI), comments in a story analyzing the Federal Reserve’s role in addressing high unemployment, particularly among black workers.  Pollin says he believes economic thinking is changing and it now makes sense for the Fed to buy corporate bonds to fund high-employment businesses, especially those that will create jobs in urban areas, much as it acted to cut the federal funds rate in the 2008 economic crisis. He says the Fed has other mechanisms to control inflation without hurting employment, but it just doesn’t use them. (City Limits, 4/19/10)