Graduate UMass Economics

Fourteen UMass Students Present at EEA

Fourteen UMass Amherst students presented papers at the Eastern Economic Conference last month in Philadelphia.  The Eastern Economic Association is a not-for-profit corporation whose object is to promote educational and scholarly exchange on economic affairs.

Presenters included:

Bengi Akbulut
“Interrogating the Turkish State and Sustainable Development:  The GEF Experience”

Hasan Cömert
“Did the Fed Trigger the U.S. Financial Crisis of 2008?”

Noah Enelow
“The Relationship between Ecology and Trade: Proposal for a Theoretical Framework”

Charalampos Konstantinidis
“When Everybody Cares: Environmental Technocratism and (the Need for) Radical Ecological Economics”

Iren Levina
“Towards a Dialectical Marxist Theory of Finance”

Cem Oyvat
“How Migration Affects the Inequality in Developing Countries:  A Critique of the Kuznets Curve”

Hyun Woong Park
“A Critique of the Circulationist Tendencies within the Social  Paradigmatic Approach to Marx’s Theory of Value”  
“Oversimplification of Overdetermination: A Critique of Overdeterminist Marxism”

Zhoachang Peng
“The Tragedy of ‘Quantitative Poverty Reduction’: An Analysis of What Has Gone Wrong with Rural Poverty Reduction in Post-Mao China” 
“From Bless to Curse: Releasing and Absorbing Agricultural Surplus Labor in Maoist and Post-Mao China”  

Luis Daniel Rosero
“Insuring Against Neighboring Crises: Contagion and the Reserve-Accumulation Decision by Latin American Central Banks”

Mark Silverman
“Causation and Constitutivity: A Critical Appraisal of Marxian Overdetermination”

Joao Paulo A. de Souza and Ben Zipperer
“Integrating Neo-Keynesian and Neo-Marxian Theories of Distribution”

Hasan Tekguc
“Importance of Food Self-Provisioning for Food Security of Rural Households”

Zhun Xu
“The Political Myth of Land Privatization in China”