Wolff: Economic Crisis Savages Public Education

UMass Economics Professor Emeritus Rick Wolff
UMass Economics Prof. Emeritus Rick Wolff

Professor Emeritus Rick Wolff publishes an article titled “Economic Crisis Savages Public Education”  in the online newsletter Dissident Voice.  In the article Wolff discusses how the current economic crisis is affecting public education.

Economic Crisis Savages Public Education
by Rick Wolff 
December 22nd, 2009

[excerpt] The economic crisis sharply worsens these public school inequalities in New York. The middle and poorer school districts display higher rates of unemployment and home foreclosures, more rapidly declining real estate values, and more tightly constricted family budgets than the rich school districts. The resulting pressures to lower property taxes will be greater in the middle and poorer districts than in the rich districts. School funding will suffer accordingly. Inequality inside public education will grow alongside that between public and private education. Deepening educational inequality will reinforce the subsequent inequality of qualifications, jobs, and incomes that this generation of young people will suffer.

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