Resources for Group Presentations

Here is the list of readings you will need to make your group presentations on Thursday. Read through and prepare a presentation of around 10 minutes.

Group 1: Part Two of a 5 part series by Dipankar Basu: Short term sequence of events

Group 2: Part 3 by Basu: The Need for Aggressive Fiscal Intervention and Obama’s Stimulus Package (Huffington Post Article)

Group 3: Nouriel Roubini: Get Ready for “Stag-Deflation” and UMass Prof. Gerald Friedman on Financial Crisis

Group 4: Part 4 by Basu: The Medium Term Story (from start of section on Securitization to end of article)

Group 5: Part 5 by Basu: The Long Term Story and Rick Wolff: Capitalism Hits the Fan

Group 6: Part 4 by Basu: The Medium Term Story (until the start of the section on “Securitization”)

Additional Resources of interest:

Plus here is a great collection of interviews of UMass faculty on various aspects of the crisis.

And finally a nice talk given in February 2008, by Prof Richard Wolff of UMass that summarizes the long-term structural problems in the US economy that lead to the housing bubble and the financial crisis:

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Part Two of Rick Wolff’s talk (only occupies first 16 min of the clip)

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