Video Field Production

CMS 203 01: Video Field Production


Course Number and Title: CMS 203 01: Video Field Production

Semester Hours Credit: 3

Meeting Time and Location: Wed/Friday — Longmeadow/DMour Hall 2

Instructor: Dr. Demetria Shabazz

Phone: X1442


Department Chair: Janine Fondon

Course Description: Video Field Production

An introduction to the theory and practice of film/video production using single-camera shots. Through in-class demonstrations, lectures, readings and hands-on projects, this class offers students the opportunity to begin learning, or advance, skills and techniques of HD video field production and post-production. Students work on their own projects (individually and in groups) – producing, directing, shooting and editing three diverse projects. The class is collaborative, and student centered and project driven.

Course Objectives:

  • To extend students’ video field (non-studio) production skills including writing, producing, directing, shooting and digital editing.
  • • To understand the conceptual field production practices and theoretical derivations.
  • • To develop knowledge of established field video genres and techniques.
  • To allow students to explore and refine their conceptual and aesthetic styles, as well as their practical and technical skills.
  • • To help students discover where their particular interests and abilities lie.
  • To discuss learning and future career paths.

Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in the basics of operating video field equipment (camera, audio, lighting).
  • Demonstrate proficiency in all production roles: camera operation, audio control, basic directing, lighting, and editing.
  • • Critically articulate the history, theory, and current practices of digital video production.
  • Demonstrate use, application, competency of the terminology and theory of video production/post-production.
  • • Produce digital video projects, following the stages of the production process.
  • • Collaborate with classmates to design and produce media projects.
  • Consider ethical implications and apply ethical decision making in the field of digital video production.
  • • Critically reflect on professional practice.

Required Texts: PDFs, videos, and online readings via Canvas

Working methods / materials

Much of the class time will be devoted to working on individual or group projects, and students may work on their laptops or the Media Lab computers. If students are working on their laptops, they must bring them to every class. If students are using the Media Lab computers, they will need to save their work on an external hard drive (media cannot be saved to these shared computers and may be erased).

Earphones: You should purchase your own set of head phones (not earbuds) to use during production and post production for editing with what is called a stereo mic pickup. The earphones need not be the most expensive however you should make sure it is not the cheapest either in that headphones costing less than $15 will commonly provide a poor sound. However, you might find a pair on sale so check the online reviews. You might want to go somewhere such as BestBuy or Target where you can test the headphones before purchasing.

    • 1 External Hard Drive at least 500GB – USB3 ONLY o Recommendation: LaCie Rugged Hard Disk Triple 500 GB 7200 rpm USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive 301556, ~$80 at Amazon
    • SD Card: SDHC – 16GB – Class 10 (stores 4hrs HD video), ~$9 at Amazon or bookstore o Recommendation: SanDisk 16GB SDHC (Amazon# SDSDUNC-016G-GN6IN)

GRADING: Quizzes

10 %

In-Class Exercises and class participation

15 % total

Group Montage Project

20 %%

Documentary Group Project

20 %

Final Project

25 %


10 %


100 %