Graduate Teaching

Welcome to the spring seminar on the broadly defined areas of Post-Colonial & Feminist Film Theory.

Having been a graduate student, although some years ago, I believe that the readings that were most useful to me were those that potentially applied to an area of study that I was pursuing.

Commonly I ask students what are their specific areas of study in their respective graduate programs? Although most of the canonic readings in Postcolonial Studies and Feminist / Womanist theory will remain the same, some items will change.  However, I have also thought of late why we need Frantz Fanon, Aimé Césaire, and Gayatri Spivak now more than ever, so most likely those selections will remain the same. To that end, I would like your help in completing the reading selections for the course.

So, when we meet tomorrow afternoon, I ask that you fill out a note card to help me complete the syllabus for the semester with readings in Postcolonial and Feminist studies that may resonate more closely with your areas of interests.

I am looking forward to enriching conversations and exploring topics together.