Postcolonial & Feminist Film Theory

COMM 793C-01 Postcolonial & Feminist Film Theory
Class Number: 20460
Meeting Days & Times: We 4:00PM – 6:45PM
Integ. Learning Center S416
01/23/2017 – 05/02/2017

Postcolonialism may be defined, following Robert Young, as the perspective provided by theories that “analyze the material and epistemological conditions of postcoloniality and seek to combat the continuing, often covert operation of an imperialist system of economic, political and cultural domination.” In this course we will discuss, through the lens of postcolonial and transnational feminist theories, visual and written texts that have been created by people with a history of colonialism, and which are meant to represent their diverse experience. We will pay particular attention to subjectivity, and the means of resistance to such images posed by the those historically located as colonized and the changing global context regarding the relationships between those identified as the colonized and colonizer.

This course will help to guide further exploration and inquiry into how these theoretical frames pose questions about meaning and representation within society. Specifically, the course will use postcolonial and transnational feminist theories to discuss the ways in which forms of popular expression such as film, television, and new media both depict and question postcolonial and feminist realities globally.