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Amherst Community Television, known as Amherst Media, is a community-driven, nonprofit, public access, communication and technology center.

We provide the Amherst community with the ability to “produce and promote locally created media content to support an informed and active citizenry, increase the transparency and quality of civic decision-making,” according to our mission statement. That statement explains that Amherst Media aims to “deepen understanding of local and worldwide issues of importance and promote civility in public dialogue while respecting the rights to free speech and creative expression.”

For over 40 years, Amherst Media has been guided by the principle that free speech and civic engagement empower people. The question that is before us as a community is how can we move forward to continue to serve the people of Amherst?

For 10 years, Amherst Media has pleaded with Eversource Electric, owner of the premises we rent at 246 College St., not to take back the building. Eversource has been patient, extending our lease each year, but at the cost of sharp increases in our monthly rent. The situation is not sustainable. We have to move.

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