Teaching in the Time of COVID 19

These times remind me of a title and the story within the great Columbian writer Gabriel García Márquez‘ book, Love in the Time of Cholera (1985). The novel is set between 1880 and 1930 and chronicles the life long secret relationship between Florentino and Fermina who meet as youth but are kept apart by Fermina’s father. The relationship is kept alive through an Aunt, Escolástica that delivers the love letters between the two, and the technology of the early 20th century, the telegraph. 

My love is teaching and as I struggle to keep my practice alive and current as an adjunct teaching at several institutions, it is also challenged by the Corona virus and social distancing which requires that we all adopt new ways to deliver education in interesting and engaging ways through technology.

So I am going to use my blog here as not only a means of discussing teaching during these interesting times of reforming, reimagining, and redesigning ourselves as a society, but also as a means of creating curriculum that connects my love of teaching to me.

This is my haiku lesson which I hope my students will benefit from but also others in society looking for a means to connect, learn, and create ourselves and a new world to inherit on the other side of this moment.

“How to write a Haiku and examples from writers Richard Wright and Sonia Sanchez”

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