Zuoz summer school

Lecture 1: Introduction to EFT 1 NOTES
Why do quantum calculations work, QED example, EFT 1.0 Effective Lagrangians, EFT as a QFT, Example – the sigma model, power counting, matching at tree level, matching at one loop.

Lecture 2: Introduction to EFT 2 NOTES
Review, HW solution, general rules of EFT, low energy QCD and Chiral Perturbation Theory, Regions of a single field, non-relativistic EFT, Operator product expansion, SCET, Background field method, Example: QED, Example: Higgs, Example: Sigma model

Lecture 3: General Relativity as an Effective Field Theory NOTES
Overview of what EFT brings to this topic, Role of equivalence principle, Gravity as a gauge theory, the general Lagrangian, quantization, loops and renormalization, nature of predictions, the quantum correction to the Newtonian potential, classical physics from quantum loops, corrections to a metric, graviton-graviton scattering, limits of the effective field theory, summary

Supplementary material Excerpt on heat kernel methods from Dynamics of the Standard Model

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