Saalberg summer school

In September 2013, I gave 6 hours of lectures on Effective Field Theory and Quantum Gravity at the Saalberg Summer School on Theoretical Physics. I recorded the lectures and am posting the notes and videos here. The pdf notes each cover a 1.5 hour block, while I have broken the recorded lectures into sub-units of about 45 minutes each.

Lecture 1 Notes. Why do quantum calculations work?, Ideas of Effective Field Theory, Linear sigma model, Integrating out a heavy field, Matching

Lecture 1a Video

Lecture 1b Video

Lecture 2 Notes Matching (cont.), Power counting, Heat kernel, Background field method, Low energy QCD

Lecture 2a Video

Lecture 2b Video

Lecture 3 Notes Other EFTs, General Relativity as an EFT, Quantization, Feynman rules, Quantum correction to Newton’s potential

Lecture 3a Video

Lecture 3b Video

Lecture 4 Notes Graviton scattering, metric corrections, limits to the EFT, gravity as the square of a gauge theory, cosmology, running couplings (or lack thereof)

Lecture 4a Video

Lecture 4b Video

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