Dynamics of the Standard Model

A second edition of Dynamics of the Standard Model, John F. Donoghue, Eugene Golowich and Barry R. Holstein (Cambridge University Press, 2014) is now available. See the CUP page here.

We will maintain a separate web site with information on the book as well as errata.

Additional material

In the spirit of DSM, here are two reviews of the application of effective field theory to general relativity. These were originally lectures at summer schools.

The Spanish lectures were aimed at an audience that was reasonably familiar with effective field theory but with little background in general relativity.

The Brazilian lectures were aimed at an audience that knew gravity well and EFT less well. Readers of DSMII will recognize the example used therein.

Also in the same spirit is the opening talk at an EFT conference, with the provocative title of When Effective Field Theories Fail.

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