Getting up to date

Wow, this has gotten way out of date!

Some developments, in no particular order.

On Aug 2, Barry, Gene and I submitted the revised edition of “Dynamics of the Standard Model” to Cambridge. This is the updated version of our book. It is a relief to get this finished.

I went to the workshop on Jets and Field Theory in Vienna . My interest was in Regge within SCET. Interesting conference.

I also had a European tour (Louvain, Mainz and Trieste) in March to discuss the seemingly conflicting views of gravity from effective field theory and from Asymptotic Safety – and also talked on this at Perimeter in May. There is potential for some new insights to come out of this. Mohamed and I are working on it.

Ufuk has taken a new postdoc in Upsalla and will start there in September.

We are looking forward to the arrival of many new folks this September. Michael Ramsey-Musolf will be arriving, as well as postdocs Grigory Ovaneysan, Peter Winslow and Wei Chao.