Neutrinos faster than light?

Mohamed and I were ahead of our time. Our paper back in the spring, The emergence of a universal limiting velocity,, about particles having different limiting velocities is now pretty relevant given the new OPERA result. However, not too many folks were paying attention to such a topic back then, so it was not noticed. We describe something that is overlooked in most of the discussion – the limiting velocities are scale-dependent quantities that “run” with the energy.

In our paper we stated that the largest deviation would come with the particles that are the weakest coupled- and pointed to gravitons as the weakest. We missed an opportunity to note that neutrinos are the second weakest! In light of the OPERA results, Mohamed and I have written a new paper where we directly address the neutrino situation – Limiting velocities as running and superluminal neutrinos. Hopefully people are paying more attention now. However, this running does not solve all problems with the OPERA result. It could be part of the solution should the OPERA result hold up.