Academic Genealogy

Barry Holstein and I once wasted some time figuring out our academic genealogy – i.e. tracing back the PhD advisors of our PhD advisors. Interestingly it goes back through some pretty big names, all the way to Bernoulli, who was self-taught. Here is the link to the genealogy tree. Of course this sets us up for the appropriate joke about how the standards have deteriorated in modern times. But nevertheless, this is an interesting – at least to us.

P.S. Continuing this family tree in the other direction, you can find a link to a listing of my PHD students here.

Books for QFT

In Spring 2009, I will be teaching Quantum Field Theory I. The second semester course will be offered in Fall 2009. The Spring course will be designed for students of all areas, and will match on to our core graduate curriculum. The second semester will cover topics which, while still useful for all, are of particular interest for particle/nuclear/gravitational types.

I am going to ask that you choose your own book. I will not follow any one book in detail and there are many good books available. I have prepared a summary of many of the standard choices – you can find the summary here. If you want to chat about the options, feel free to stop by my office.