My anthropic paper with Thibault Damour

Here is my most recent paper.

In this paper, Thibault and I study the range of masses for light quarks that leads to nuclear binding. There are two calculations involved, which are used to provide estimates for how nuclear binding depends on quark masses.

The quark masses enter the Standard Model as parameters that are not fixed by any principle. It turns out that if they were slightly different, nuclei would not bind and there would be no atoms, and then no life. If we eventually learn that there is indeed a principle that fixes the quark masses, then this observation is just a bit of amusement. However, it is also possible that the mass parameters may not be fixed uniquely and could be different in different parts of the Universe. In that case, we would only find ourselves in the part of the Universe where the masses fall into the anthropically allowed range. In such theories the anthropic bounds could then play a role in determining the values of the masses.

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