Biography & Publications

D.K. McCutchen is Senior Lecturer ll at UMass Amherst in the College of Natural Sciences. Previously Provost’s Designee and one time Chair of the University Writing Committee , she is currently Co-Associate Director of Junior-Year Writing for the UMass Writing Program (collaborating with Dr. Haivan Hoang, author of Writing Against Racial Injury, in setting up Mutual Mentoring support for JYW Faculty using multi-modal curriculum). She has an MFA in creative writing (UMass) and a graduate Diploma in Science, DipSci (Otago University, New Zealand). Her first book, THE WHALE ROAD, is a creative nonfiction tale about sailing with whale researchers in the South Pacific  (Random House, NZ, 2004; Blake, UK, 2007), which received a Pushcart Nomination and was listed as a Notable Book for the 2005 Kiriyama Prize. She has publications with (among others) Fourth Genre, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Isotope, Identity Theory, several Fish Publishing literary competition anthologies (Cork University Press), The Café Review, Route 9 and Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet No. 33 out of Small Beer Press.  In a literary attempt to save the world, she’s currently writing gender-bender post-apocalyptic speculative fiction — and teaching writing classes with a theme born out of the pandemic to help engage students in remote learning: Witnessing History.

PUBLICATIONS as of Summer 2019


WHALE ROAD made  Top 10 for the SFWP 2017 Literary Awards Program and recently won a session with a Publishing Sherpa through the 2020 Write Angles Conferences. Love those guys.

SFWP published a chapter of the book long before it was published by Random NZ (see “FRESH BONES” below) . Would love to have WR published in this country at long last. In the meantime, I’m working with Editor Michael J. Deluca (The Mossy SKull , Reckoning Press: Creative Writing on Environmental Justice & Author of Night Roll),on finishing the prose version of JELLYFISH DREAMING (the graphic version was illustrated by Mike Bukowick). 





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Wildlife Management Reports on file with: Otago University Science Library, The Department of Conservation, & The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, New Zealand (1993):

Newspaper Articles:

Freelance feature articles on the Arts and Sciences since 1987: Hampshire Gazette, Heath Herald, Greenfield Recorder & The Boston Tab. Otago Daily Times, New Zealand, 1993, West County News [Shelburne correspondent] 2004-2005, & The Independent,(for an example scroll to pg. 5 “A Ten Year Plan: What will we do locally about global warming?”) 2006-2007.