Vanuatu after PAM

Vanuatu after PAM

Vanuatu is reeling from massive Cyclone Pam, a Category V storm with sustained winds of 170mph gusting to 220mph, massive storm surges and flooding, and phenomenal seas. Immediate emergency relief is underway. With 80% of the population engaged in subsistence harvesting, the risk to both immediate and long range food-security will greatly compound Pam’s initial devastation.

Early reports indicate that:
– The banana crop throughout the country has been entirely destroyed
– Most coconuts have been felled
– All island cabbage plants and other leafy vegetables have been destroyed
– All fruit trees have been stripped
– Root crops have been uprooted and others have been inundated
– Small livestock, including chickens and pigs have been killed, and pens and shelters destroyed
– Fisheries infrastructure, including canoes, small boats, fishing gear have been destroyed – Coral reefs have been severely damaged

Below is a link to the well crafted rolling action plans just emerging from Vanuatu that will get the people of these islands the tools, materials, and training they need to help themselves avert even greater disaster in the near and longer term. Island Reach is partnering with this initiative and will volunteer RV Llyr and crew to assist with meeting objectives and getting services directly to communities that need help.

As an offshore conservation vessel, we are uniquely positioned to reach remote communities with material aid and local trainers. With minimal overhead and no wages for crew, we are now emergency fundraising for these recovery operations.

We thank you for your support of our Vanua-tai project.  We’ll continue this partnership but will be adding in these recovery operations.  Please consider another donation today, notated for “Cyclone Pam Relief”, through th

e Friends of Island Reach page at The Ocean Foundation We can also speak with you about arranging in-kind material donations and sea-freight options.

For more on this food security initiative, follow this link:


Janis Brooks Connor Rowan and Gavin – Berkshire Sweet Gold & Island Reach

Visit the ‘A Vessel for the Vanua-tai’ campaign.

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