A.I.R Byrdcliffe Reflections

I’d forgotten about this until the interviewer, Eli Sobel, an artist at Byrdcliffe last year, wrote that he’d come back from his studies in Amsterdam. He sent the pic below on his outward journey, because his folks gave him a copy of my book. The visual artists at Byrdcliffe (and VSC this year) were truly inspiring. They were so willing to step outside genre and expectation – and far better than the writers in explaining their work even so!  
Byrdcliffe Artist Eli Sobel, Interviewer...

Byrdcliffe Artist Eli Sobel, Interviewer…


A.I.R Reflections: Deb McCutchen

Deb McCutchen has her feet firmly planted in two worlds: the nebulous imaginings of writing and earth-bound rationality of science. To name a few of her many preoccupations, she is a full-time lecturer for the College of Natural Sciences at Umass Amherst, a writer, a zoologist, a researcher, and a mother of two energetic children. Deb has been a Puschcart Nominee, Massachusetts Cultural Council Artist Fellowship finalist, and a frequent participant in public readings and workshops, most recently in ArtSake: Commonwealth Reading Series at Forbes library.  She attended Byrdcliffe’s A.i.R program in early May and is working on her next book, ICE.

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