The State House: Massachusetts Cultural Council

1 State House debHad a wonderful time at the Massachusetts Cultural Council State House breakfast!

Lovely venue, interesting people. I brought Pippin along and our Representative, Stephen Kulik, gave us a tour and told her about the Sacred Cod, which has pointed toward the Democrats since Tip O’Neil came in.

Received a lovely citation for being one of the many artists and writers honored by the MCC.  Thank you Dan Blask and the rest of the MCC folks. And thanks for the upcoming reading in April.

I came away liking being from Massachusetts quite a lot.

4 Mr Kulik

INTERVIEW for Women-on-Writing

Because some days one needs that feeling of completing something, I sent a Flash Fiction story, GLARE,  to Women-on-Writing this last summer of 2012, where it made runner up. They also published an interview (which I think I like better than the story).

I think the interview is supposed to be in The Muffin (?! wild surmise), but is now showing up in Before It’s News:


Massachusetts Cultural Council Readings 2013

Massachusetts Cultural Council is hosting readings all over the state by Fellowship recipients and finalists (I’m at Forbes Library, Noho, April 24th, 7pm), and a breakfast at the Statehouse in March. I’m loving the colorful poster! (Tim did the original cover design for this printing of Whale Road).