DEI in Science

1. Start by testing your own biases here. Note: repeated bias testing can help improve accuracy, as discussed in Greenwald and Krieger (2006) California Law Review, Vol. 94, No. 4, pp. 945-967

2. Learn more about implicit bias in these videos from UCLA.

3. Mitigate implicit bias by using these tools from the Society for Neuroscience.

4. Understand how our biases can impede advancement in STEM by reading this recent publication by Asia A. Eaton, Jessica F. Saunders, Ryan K. Jacobson, and Keon West.

5. Acknowlege and alleviate inequities experienced by BIPOC colleagues in STEM. Read this post by UMass NSB graduate student MΓ©lise Edwards on Cognitive Reserve and Racial Privilege in STEM.

6. Enrich your education through Philippe Lazaro’s maps of learning and unlearning by flowing his Flowcharts Against Racism.