Welcome to the UMass NSB Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion website.

This website is meant to serve three main roles:
1) Celebrate the scientific contributions of Black scientists and inventors.
2) Provide a collection of resources to support BIPOC students, postdocs, and faculty.
3) Offer focused resources for anti-racism self-education and actions in STEM.

To learn about discoveries by Black scientists and inventors, see the DISCOVERIES page.

To support BIPOC students, postdocs, and faculty, the RESOURCES & EDUCATION page includes links to therapists in the Pioneer Valley that specialize in race-related mental health needs, mentoring services for underrepresented scientists, and UMass and Pioneer Valley DEI resources.

To support self-education and action for anti-racism allies, you’ll find weekly action items posted on our HOME page and through our GET INVOLVED page. These items will incorporate self-education, self-reflection, and participation in larger scale initiatives. Our DEI IN SCIENCE page will include resources for understanding the role of social justice in science. If you’re looking to start or join an anti-racism book club, check out our Do It Yourself (DIY) Book Club. The RESOURCES & EDUCATION page includes links to resources to help you be a better anti-racism ally.