• FFYS 197CR4, Orange is the New Black (UMass Amherst, F’14)
  • FFYS 191ENGL9, A Semester in the Life (UMass Amherst, F’19)
  • Englwrit 112, College Writing (UMass Amherst, F’17)
  • English 201, Intermediate Composition (UW-Madison, S’00)
  • English 236, Writing and Reasoning: The Jury Project (UW-Madison, S’04)
  • English 318, Advanced Technical and Professional Communication (NMSU, F’97)
  • English 350, Expository Writing (UMass Amherst, F’13)
  • English 371, Rhetoric in Social Interaction (CMU, F’95)
  • English 373, Language in Design (CMU, S’96)
  • English 388, Rhetoric, Writing, and Society (UMass Amherst, F’20)
  • English 450, Advanced Expository Writing: The Long Essay (UMass Amherst, S’20)
  • English 494EI: Writing, Identity, and English Studies (UMass Amherst, F’19)
  • English 519, Modern Rhetorical Theory (NMSU, F’96)
  • English 547, Rhetorical Invention (NMSU, S’97)
  • English 549, Argumentation (NMSU, F’97)
  • English 550, Rhetorical Analysis of Nonfiction Prose (UW-Madison, S’04)
  • English 555, Rhetoric of Science (NMSU, S’98)


  • English 700, Introduction to Composition Studies (UW-Madison, S’03)
  • English 703, Research Methods in Composition & Rhetoric (UW-Madison, S’05)
  • English 704, Classical Rhetoric (UW-Madison, F’04)
  • English 705, Modern Rhetorical Theory (UW-Madison, F’03)
  • English 706, Value and Evaluation in Composition Studies (UW-Madison, S’02)
  • English 706, Writing Program Administration in the 21st Century (UW-Madison, S’06)
  • English 891BC, Rhetorics of the Public Sphere (UMass Amherst, S’10)
  • English 891EW, History of Higher Education in the U.S. (UMass Amherst, F’21)
  • English 891PC, Writing in Colleges and Universities: Histories of Composition-Rhetoric in the U.S. (UMass Amherst, S’19)
  • English 891RP, Rhetorics of Place, Space, and Geography (UMass Amherst F’15)
  • English 891TT, Introduction to Rhetorical Theory (UMass Amherst, F’16)
  • English 900, Theory and Practice of Written Argument (UW-Madison, F’99)

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