The United Arc (Family Support Centers & Positive Parenting Resource Center)

294 Avenue A             

Turners Falls, MA 01376

(413) 774-5558


Populations served:

  •     Children with intellectual/developmental disabilities participating in social or therapeutic activities.
  •     Older Teens & Young adults with intellectual disability participating in social/recreation groups.
  •     Adults with intellectual disabilities receiving individual support or participating in self-advocacy groups.
  •     Older teens/young adults who are gaining skills for independent adulthood.
  •     Parents with intellectual or functional limitations and their families, participating in parent education and support groups or for individualized mentoring.

Location(s) of internship sites:                                              

  • Family Centers in Turners Falls, MA and Athol, MA
  • Positive Parenting sites in Turners Falls, Amherst and Orange/Athol, MA
  • Community sites in Franklin/Hampshire & North Quabbin area

General job description of what an intern might do: The United Arc provides a flexible array of services through their Family Support Centers, Youth Transition Program and Positive Parenting Resource Center. College interns can take on a variety of roles with any of the Family Support Program activities. Specific roles can be designed to meet the individual’s interests and learning goals as well as the needs of Arc service recipients and the program. Most roles require a person to have independent transportation. Many roles are best filled by an intern who is able to drive and transport others. Mileage expenses will be reimbursed. Interns may do the following:

  •      Assist with parent education and support groups
  •     Assist in recreational or group therapeutic activities for children, teens, young adults
  •     1:1 work with selected individuals (children, teens and adults)
  •     Provide guidance and mentorship with adult Self Advocacy groups
  •     Assist with special projects and programs

Your availability: Parent support groups occur during the day. Some individualized support for older teens and adults also occurs during the day. Most therapeutic, recreation or social programs and self advocacy meetings occur evenings and weekends when children are out of school and adults are finished with work or day programs. Students are advised to have personal transportation.


Agency Contact

Leslie Kinney (Director of Family & Peer Support)

294 Avenue A

Turners Falls, MA 01376

413 774 5558 x 1003