Federation for Children with Special Needs – Parent Training and Information Center

Federation for Children with Special Needs

The Schrafft Center
529 Main Street, Suite 1M3
Boston, MA 02129
(413) 323-0681
(800) 331-0688

About the organization: The Federation for Children with Special Needs advocates for quality education, strong parent participation and access to quality health care services for all children, especially those with disabilities. The Federation is a nationally recognized 501(c)(3) organization that annually serves more than 40,000 MA families and their children with special needs.

Populations served: Information and assistance on special education laws, procedures, community resources, disability information, advocacy, and related matters of concern for parents and professionals. We have support groups and outreach in several languages and offer a variety of workshops in local communities on special education related topics. We also have a comprehensive training program on special education laws and procedures including presenters from our staff, attorneys, representatives from DESE, BSEA, and other experts in the field of special education. 

Location(s) of internship sites: Different locations throughout Western MA

Accessible by Public Transportation? Most

General job description of what an intern might do: Support calls from parents/professionals, help to organize and participate in workshops, webinars, update fact sheets, power point presentations and resource gathering. Disseminating materials in community on relevant topics such as basic rights, transition, etc., and participate on multiple levels in our comprehensive classroom curriculum and internship program on special education laws and procedures. 

Types of professions you would be able to work with or observe: Experienced Federation staff, attorneys, parent consultants, educational specialists, independent evaluators, SLP, OT, Neuropsychologists, representatives from DESE, BSEA, SEPAC, surrogate parents and more.

Agency Contact

Ingrid Arvidson
(413) 323-0681