Diggity Dogs Service Dogs

Diggity Dogs Service Dogs

(914) 222-3647

Populations served: We specialize in providing psychiatric and medical alert service dogs, as well as non-load-bearing mobility service dogs to disabled individuals.

Location(s) of internship sites: Our training center located at 679 Mohawk Trail, Shelburne, MA.

Accessible by Public Transportation? Yes, but not easily

General job description of what an intern might do: Internships are tailored to the skills and goals of each intern. Psych majors often assist with client interviews, medical history reviews and consultations and assisting during the intensive training programs that all clients must attend when they are receiving their dog. Animal Science students often assist with the dog training aspect of things. Others assist with fundraising and promotion. There are many roles an intern can fill and we are always eager to cater their experience in a way that maximizes the benefits for the interns and enables our organization to benefit from interns’ skills and experiences.

Types of professionals you will work with/observe: Psychiatrists, Social Workers, Animal/Dog Trainers, Non-Profit Management and Administration, Marketing & Promotions managers.

Agency Contact
Sarah Meikle
(914) 222-3647

Picture of a service dog sitting at the campus pond
This is Izzy, one of the service dogs currently being trained by a DDHS student