Boston Higashi School

Boston Higashi School

800 N. Main Street
Randolph, MA 02368
(781) 961-0800

About the organization: Boston Higashi School (BHS) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that serves children and young adults diagnosed with the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) from both the United States and other countries using the methodology of Daily Life Therapy ® (DLT). DLT began in 1964 when Dr. Kiyo Kitahara established the Mushashino Higashi Kindergarten in Tokyo, Japan. By 1984, her approach to education received recognition abroad and the Mushashino International Division embarked. Along with the increase in admissions from outside of Japan, Dr. Kitahara’s belief that international students should receive their education within their own culture and near their families made the foundation of BHS possible. Thus, BHS opened in Lexington, Massachusetts in 1987 before moving to its current location in Randolph, Massachusetts in 1994. The mission of BHS is to help children and young adults with ASD learn to reach their full potential through the methodology of DLT. Students take on challenges, learn to overcome obstacles, and gain confidence from their own success. DLT believes that the purpose of education for each child is to find that “most precious bud of self identity” by fulfilling developing one’s potential and dignity. This is accomplished through holistic education of the entire child via three fundamental pillars: physical stamina building, emotional stability, and intellectual stimulation. This approach allows students to develop a love for learning so they may fully enjoy their family, community, and all that life has to offer. As each student grows and learns, their personality and individual character matures, allowing them to benefit from, and most importantly, contribute to society as adults. The school motto is “Challenge, Believe, Together.” Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and Massachusetts Department Early Education and Care (EEC) approve BHS as a Day and Residential Program. The school is accredited by The National Commission for the Accreditation of Special Education Services (NCASES).

Populations served: Children and young adults with ASD, aged 3-22

Location(s) of internship sites: 800 N. Main Street, Randolph, MA 02368

Accessible by Public Transportation? Yes

General job description of what an intern might do:

• Orientation meetings to learn about BHS, DLT, ASD, and important policies (e.g., confidentiality, 51A).
• Observe students in various classes at day side (e.g., homeroom, academics, communication, technology, music, physical education, art, employment education)
• Observe students in various settings at residential side (e.g., play time, chores, community outing, recreation/leisure time)
• Observe special activities (e.g., jazz band, chorus group) • Observe BHS Continuing Adult Education Program (CAEP)
• Attend school events
• Meet with BHS parents, if the intern would like to
• Attend internal meetings (e.g., clinical team meeting, research meeting)
• Attend team meetings (e.g., IEP meeting, 3-year reevaluation meeting)
• Observe testing for students
• Help clinical and research teams in clerical works

Types of professionals you will work with/observe:
• Ann S. Roberts, Ph.D., Director of Clinical Services
• John Maina, Ph.D., Director of Program Research, Evaluation & Development, Director of Residence
• Yumiko Mori, M.S., Educational Program Evaluator
• Rebecca Golden, M.A., Assistant Clinician

Additional information: Please refer the BHS Facebook for more information and photos from school events, in addition to the website:

Agency Contact
John Maina, Ph.D.
(781) 961-0800 ext. 224


The Boston Higashi School (Randolph, MA) will be accepting applications for research assistants starting this summer. Research assistants will work with the research team (Rebecca Golden, Yumiko Mori, John Maina) to develop and implement studies with the students and staff at the Boston Higashi School.

If you are interested, email your resume and cover letter to Rebecca Golden ( The hours and time commitment are flexible.