Credits & Hours

Students are required to complete 120 hours (3 credits) of internship experience working directly with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to fulfill the internship requirement for the DDHS program.


Students spend approximately 9 hours per week at their internship site through the semester. Your schedule is determined by you and your internship supervisor. You MUST complete your hours by the last day of classes. You receive 1 academic credit for every 40 hours of internship. You can count hours for professional development and training. You cannot count hours traveling to and from your internship site from campus. If your internship requires travel from the main office to homes or schools, for instance, you can count these hours. You can count up to one hour of time per week spent working on the required journal entries.


It is your responsibility to ensure that you complete the required number of hours. If you need to make up hours from sick days, vacations, or snow days, discuss opportunities with your internship supervisor. If you are not able to make up these hours by the last day of classes, you will receive credit for only the hours completed. For instance, if you complete 100 hours but planned to complete 120, you will receive 2 credits for the first 80 hours. Alternatively, you can receive an Incomplete grade until the remaining hours are made up (with permission from the program director).

Any changes made to the number of credits after the add/drop period must be processed through the Dean’s office. You can get a copy of the credit change form from your department (for Psychology, see Laurie Dove). You will need to sign it, bring it to the program director for her signature, then bring it to the Dean’s office. You can use this form to reduce the number of credits (e.g., 3 to 2 credits because you fell short) or to increase the number of credits (e.g., increase from 3 to 4 because you did more hours than expected).