Writing Assignments

Students are expected to complete several assignments throughout the semester they are on internship. These assignments will be submitted through the Moodle page for PSYCH 398DD. All assignments must be submitted by the last day of finals or you will receive an Incomplete grade.

A) Weekly Internship Activities and Reflections Report
B) A timesheet
C) An evaluation of your internship site


Each week, you will respond to the following prompts:

  1. Provide a description of your activities this week
  2. Describe in some detail two events you observed this week that made a strong impression (positive or negative) on you
  3. Provide a brief summary of the content of your supervisory or in-service training activities this week, if any; include any information or ad hoc supervision, as well as formal supervision, in your description
  4. Make a bullet list of lessons you learned in your internship this week (including lessons you learned about yourself)
  5. Note two questions raised for you by your internship experience this week
  6. Using APA format, provide the citation for one recent empirical article you read this week that is relevant to your internship work or site. Using your own words, and in a form that could be given to the paid staff at your site, write a brief statement of the “take home message” from the article and your explanation of how that message related to your site.

You should only complete the journal every 2 weeks for a 2-credit internship and every 3 weeks for a 1-credit internship. A template for this journal is provided on Moodle. Please submit your journal regularly, it is very difficult to go back later to write these journal entries.


You must submit your completed time sheet on Moodle by the last day of finals. A template is provided on Moodle.


At the end of the semester, you will complete an evaluation of your internship site. This survey will not be shared with your internship supervisor. With your permission, your responses will be shared anonymously with other DDHS students through the Moodle page (not accessible by the general public). This evaluation is due by the last day of finals in the semester of your internship.


Internships are graded as pass/fail. If you do not submit the required assignments or hours on time, you will receive an Incomplete grade. This grade will turn to a fail after a period of time (1 year).