Internship Paperwork

Once you have confirmed your internship site (i.e., you went for an interview and they offered you an internship), you need to complete the following paperwork at least 3 days before the end of add/drop in the semester you plan to pursue an internship. Keep in mind that DDHS advising is not available over the summer or winter, so it’s best to submit the contract by the end of the semester prior to your internship.

A) Complete the internship contract on Handshake
B) Submit your CORI background check form


You will need to create a free account on Handshake before you can access the internship contract. Once you log in, you can create a profile. To add an internship, click Career Center in the upper right hand corner, then scroll down to select Experiences. Next, click Request an Experience.

For Experience Type, select Internship for Academic Credit. You will also enter the term (e.g., semester and year) you plan to complete this internship.

Enter all of the information requested. Keep in mind the supervisor that you list on this contract is the person that will receive a request at the end of the semester to evaluate your performance and approve your hours, so you want to choose someone at the organization that will actually observe your activities on a regular basis. You should make sure you talk to this person about listing them on the paperwork ahead of time, so they are not surprised.

Read these instructions prior to completing the online from.

  • List Ashley Woodman as your UMass faculty sponsor
  • List PSYCH 398DD as the Department and Course #
  • Include the following description of your Academic Projects: “I will submit weekly internship activities and reflections reports, using a template provided by my faculty sponsor. I will also submit a final timesheet and complete an evaluation of my internship site.” You can copy and paste this text.

The approval process is entirely electronic, no hard copy signatures are needed. Your internship site supervisor does not need to sign this or any form at the start of your internship. If you have any problems with handshake, contact the Field Experience Office at Career Services.


Your internship paperwork will not be approved until you have completed a CORI form. This is a pre-clearance performed by UMass, before sending students on internship. Your internship site may also request that you complete a similar form. This background check is only valid for one year, so you may need to complete it more than once if you are doing multiple internships.

You should complete this form in its entirety (don’t forget to sign it) and bring it to Jonathan Tominar-Lipari in Tobin Hall room 401. He is typically in his office M-F 9:30-4:00. You can also mail it to:

Jonathan Tominar-Lipari
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Psychological and Brain Sciences
Tobin Hall 401
135 Hicks Way
Amherst, MA 01003


Your direct supervisor will receive a request from Career Services for an evaluation of your performance. Their completion of this form has no bearing on your final grade, unless it indicates that you did not complete the required hours. If your supervisor does not complete the form, you will still receive a grade. If your internship supervisor changes after you have completed the Career Connect form, please email updated contact information to Mary Lysakowski ( in Career Services.