How often do I need to meet with my faculty sponsor?

The Program Director is there to guide you in the event that issues arise in your internship that cannot be resolved between you and your internship site supervisor, or if you have personal or academic issues that may affect your work during your internship. You are not required to meet with her.

Can I do an internship during the Winter or Summer sessions?

Yes, you can. Winter and Summer internships are treated just like a regular course during the school year, but are taken through the Continuing Education Office. This means that you must pay for the course credits and register through that office, not the Psychological and Brain Sciences department. The internship contract and proposal requirements, of course, still apply.

Can I be paid for my time during an internship?

You must take at least 3 credits of internship to satisfy the requirements for the DDHS specialization. If you choose to have further internship experiences, they need not be for credit. You cannot accept payment for work done during your internship if you would like for it to count toward the Program requirements and receive course credit for it.

Can I do an internship at a site NOT listed in the DDHS Handbook?

Yes, with approval of the Program Director. The sites listed in the DDHS Handbook were included because their programs have been approved by the Program Director. They are set up to take in student interns, train them, and provide them with appropriate experiences.

If you decide that a site not pre-approved by the DDHS Program better fits your needs (closer to your home during summer months, previous relationship with a service provider, etc.), you must have that internship approved before you can start. You will need to provide:

  1. A description of the site, the population served, and details about the duties you will be performing as an intern
  2. The name and contact information of the person who will be supervising you at the site. Include an email address and website when applicable.

This is to ensure that the experience you receive is similar in content to what you would get from our pre-approved sites, and that the coursework the Program requires is in line with the responsibilities you may have there. The Program Director is the only one who can approve alternative sites. Contact her with questions about alternate internship sites.

What are my responsibilities during an internship?

The population you serve and your specific duties will, of course, vary greatly depending on the site you choose. Overall, the point of the internship is to allow you to gain practical experiences that coursework simply cannot offer. The coursework serves as your knowledge base going into the internship.