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Do you want to be on the UMass Dance Team?
Auditions are held twice a year. One audition is held at the beginning of each Fall Semester and one is held at the end of each Spring Semester. Incoming freshmen are welcome to audition either at the end of their high school senior year in the spring or at the start of their freshmen year in the fall. The only advantage to auditioning in the spring is that dancers have an opportunity to get to know us, attend a couple practices, and go to dance camp with us.

For more information or for additional questions please contact us at:

Do you want to get involved, but don’t have any dance experience?
♦ If you are a DJ or just know how to use music editing software, you could help us edit our music.
♦ If you just have song suggestions for what you’d like to see us dance to at the basketball games, let us know.
Come to our events and show your support!
♦ The team is always looking for new ways to fundraise our way to Nationals. If you have any fundraising suggestions, like potential sponsors, events, or performances, please contact us via email or post on this blog. Your input is greatly appreciated.


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