How often do you practice?
We practice Monday through Thursday 2-2 1/2 hours each night. The times change semester to semester depending on the team members’ personal schedules, but times are usually in the 7-10pm range. We hold extra practices if necessary for special events (like Nationals). And football and basketball games tend to be on Fridays and Saturdays.

What are the requirements for try-outs?
Dancers should wear clothes they are comfortable dancing in. This could be a leotard with tights, tank top and jazz pants, etc. We recommend that you wear dance shoes.

Dancers should arrive early to fill out the try-out form, receive a number, and to warm up. Then, the practice captain will lead a group stretch and begin teaching the audition routine. Dancers are split up into small groups to learn the dance. After the dance has been taught, dancers are brought out three at a time to audition. Each group of three does the dance two times. Then, dancers are asked to show the requested dance skills (pirouettes, fouettes, turns in second, leaps, side-leaps, switch leaps, etc.).

After dancers have been evaluated, qualified dancers are asked to return for “call backs” the following day. Dancers should be prepared to show us the dance routine they learned (and practiced), the dance skills, and the dance routine they just learned at “call backs.” The first day of auditions may be in jazz and “call backs” may be in hip-hop, or vise versa.

How many people are there currently on the team? And how many spots are there available for dancers trying out?
Fifteen. We do not have a set limit for how many girls we will take from try-outs. However, only twenty girls can perform on the Nationals stage.

How does the team operate financially?
The team relies on fundraising and donations. We receive donations from on-campus locations such as the Office of Student Affairs and Campus Life and the UMass Alumni Association. Our friends and family members contribute by participating in our fundraisers and by making donations.

We have done fundraisers such as Yankee Candle, Avon, cookie dough, Citi Card, candy, to name a few.

♥ A big “THANK YOU” goes out to everyone who has supported us! We would not be the dancers we are without it!

Are you the only dance team at UMass?
No, there are many dance teams of different genres at UMass. To name a few: The Ballroom Dance Team, University Dancers, Dynamic Motion Dance Team, Stage Crew Dance Team, etc.

Can you do flips?
No. Although, a couple of girls on the team can do some gymnastics, we are not gymnasts or cheerleaders; we are dancers. Our tricks include various jumps and turns.

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