Thanks to Our 2011 Supporters!!

Thanks to everyone who supported and donated to the 2011 UMass Dance Team!  We would not have made it to nationals without you!

Amalia Attardo

Dale and Ann Barth

The Bell Family

Center Stage Dance Academy

Brenda and Tom Coomas

Dancer’s Boutique

The Haddad Family

The Konrad Family

Robert Konrad

Dolores Lee

The Leonick Family

Josephine MacDonald

Tami MacDonald

The Mastrull Family

The Matos Family

Lori Matos

The McConnville Family

The McLaughlin Family

The Miller Family

Stacey and Bruce Moshier

Patricia Newcomb

Rita Novak

The O’Neil Family

The O’Rourke Family

Mary O’Rourke

Partners for Learning and Leadership, Inc.

Joe and Pat Peterson

Maryellen Reilly

Misty Reilly

The Renaldi Family

Tanya Robichaud

The Shenny Fmaily

The Thistle Family

Daniel and Robin Thornlow

Edward and Audrey Thornlow

Ed and Bonnie Thornlow

Karen Varns

The Warnken Family

The Wasserman Family

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