20 Questions: With Loren Picciarelli

Meet Loren:


1. What is your nickname?

2. Where is your hometown?
Long Island, NY

3. When is your birthday?
December 27th

4. How would your friends describe you?
Sarcastic, stubborn, and funny

5. Who is your idol?
Dominique Pagan

6. What is your favorite quote?
“Life goes on”

7. What is your favorite holiday?
New Years Eve

8. What was the name of your old dance studio?
Michelle Ferraro’s Dance USA

9. Who is your celebrity crush?
David Beckham

10. What is your favorite dance style?
Contemporary/ c-style

11. Who is your favorite dancer or choreographer?
Justin Giles, Sonya Tayeh, and Cynthia Mareaux Geffon

12. What is your favorite pastime?
Dancing, obviouslyy

13. What are your favorite movies?
Old school, and Grease

14. Why do you love to dance?
Because dancing is therapeutic and it’s my passion

15. What is your favorite place in the world?
Times Square, NYC

16. What is your Favorite TV Show?
Degrassi: The Next Generation

17. What is your favorite dance team moment?
Besides making the team, when caitlyn fell at the basketball game haha…

18. What is your major?

19. What is your guilty pleasure?
Old-Car car shows & craft fairs

20. What is your favorite thing about UMass?
The UMass Dance team:-)

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