20 Questions: With Caitlyn Melia


She is our Co-Captain.  She has been training under our Captain, Whitney Holovach, for almost 2 years now and she will be the new Captain once this season is over.  On the team, she is known for being a great turner and always giggling! She is a Junior and this is her second year on the team.

Meet Caitlyn:

1. What is your nickname?
Don’t really have any

2. Where is your hometown?
Tewksbury, MA

3. What was the name of your old dance studio?
Broadway Dance Academy

4. What is your favorite style of dance?

5.  What was your most memorable UMass Dance Team moment?
It was probably when I fell during one of the sideline dances at a basketball game.

6.  What would people be surprised to know about you?
That I secretly like to play basketball

7.  How would your friends describe you?
Silly and laid back

8.  What is your favorite television show?
I can’t pick just one…but some of my favs are One Tree Hill and obviously Grey’s Anatomy.

9. Who is your celebrity crush?
James Lafferty

10.  Where is your favorite place on campus?
Berkshire (dining hall) because that is where I get to catch up with my best friend Kerri!

11.  What is your favorite sports team?
I’d rather play than watch

12.  What is your favorite pastime?

13.  What are you known for?
Always talking on the phone

14.  What is your favorite event that our team does and why (after Nationals if Nationals is your first)?
The Exhibition before Nationals because that’s when my family comes to watch me dance.

15.  What are you looking forward to doing when you are captain?
I just want to do my best. Whitney has held the team together for the past 3 years and I can only hope to be as good a leader as she. ♥ We are sure you’ll do a great job, Caitlyn!

16.  Do you have any pets?
I have a little dog named Emerald.

17.  What is your favorite movie?
My Best Friend’s Wedding

18.  What is your favorite color?
Anyone who knows me knows my love for the color pink.

19.  What’s your Major/Minor?

20.  What is your favorite season and why?
Fall, because I love the smell of burning leaves.

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