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On Sunday March 9th, the team went to Farmington, Connecticut to compete in the “Turn It Up” Regional Dance Competition.  The team participated in this competition last year as well, earning the top high score for that competition.  

turn it up 2007
This is a picture of the 2007 Team with their Top High Score Trophy.

This year we decided to do it again because we found it was good practice to show our Nationals routine to an audience.  It was also beneficial to get feedback from dance professionals, the three judges, and then use their comments/critiques to modify our dance and make it better. 

There were three other collegiate teams at the competition this year: SUNY Brockport and two teams from Adelphi University.  Most of us really liked Brockport’s presentation.  They had heavy, black and navy eye make-up that went up to their eyebrows, with messy hair, and they wore black and blue costumes.  Their theme was called “Distortion.”   

We did well at the competition.  We earned 295 points out of a possible 300 from the judges.  We were awarded the highest award called “Platnim.”  In order to get “Platnim,” you had to earn 275 points or more (the order goes from best to worst: Platnim, High Gold, Gold, High Silver, Silver, High Bronze, Bronze).  There were just a couple of Bronzes handed out. 

1 thought on “Competition Time

  1. Katie

    Hi UMass Dance Team!

    I just came across your page – thanks for the compliment on our dance at last year’s competition =)

    We loved your routine. It was so clean and precise – are you going to be returning this year to Turn It Up? I think we are, and heading to either NDA or UDA next year!

    Good Luck With Everything This Year!

    Brockport Dance Team

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