We’re Back!

The team is back from Winter Break!

We kicked off the semester by having a choreographer come teach us the routine we will be performing at Nationals this April. Now, not only is our music mix awesome, but the dance makes it even better! A BIG “thank you” goes out to our choreographer for creating and giving us such a strong dance. She did a great job and we are really excited to share it with an audience. It is packed with tricks and moves that match the theme of our dance really well.

Unfortunately,we won’t be unveiling our routine for a couple more weeks, since we need time to practice it and get it together. But we will be featuring the dance during a basketball half-time, or at least a segment of it during a time-out sometime soon. So stay tuned to find out when you can get a sneak peek!

New tops

Here, is a picture of the team (in our new uniforms! yay!) at our first basketball game since being back, UMass vs. Xavier on Sunday January 27th.

It was a big game and UMass basketball fans were there to show their support. Over 8,000 fans attended the game, making it the best turn out for this season so far. Although UMass ended up losing the game, they kept the game close up until the last few minutes.

During our first time-out, the team did a jazz dance to “Candyman” by Christina Aguilera (you can view this dance on the webpage called “Dance Videos.” Just a note, the video skips the beginning of the dance and it is shot from the side of the court).

In the second half, we did a hip-hop dance to “Low” by Flo Rida and T-Pain.

This is a picture of the team, but Chelsea is missing. And Jackie is now studying abroad in Austrailia! Miss you already, Jackie!

Some of the girls dancing on the side of the basketball court

Some of the girls posing before the game.

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