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The Center for Spectator Sports Research (CSSR) at the University of Massachusetts Amherst is happy to announce that Sports Biz Buzz, a blog about sports business, will be back this year with number of changes. Graduate students in the Sports Management department will be taking charge to share their thoughts and start the debates over hot sports issues. Alongside student contributions, there will be contributions from our respected alumni who work in a variety of disciplines across the industry. Check it out at

As mentioned in its goals, The CSSR puts a huge emphasis on providing educational and training opportunities for its students. Through contributing to the blog, students will be able to publish their opinions and lead the discussion on topics about which they are passionate. Another aim of the blog is to establish a medium where alumni and students can discuss different topics and have a chance to connect with each other.

Having mentioned alumni and graduate students, the blog is of course welcome to contributions by professors, other students and business leaders. We are looking forward to developing the blog as much as possible in the future and hope that through your enriching contributions it will prove valuable to all.