About the Authors

The UMass Sports Biz Blog has a variety of contributors on different days, ranging from students, faculty, and alumni. The blog is overseen by Parker Knox, an MBA/Masters in Sport Management graduate student who both contributes to and facilitates the running of the blog. Every day, readers can expect a different author to post on various sports business issues they find interesting. The following is a tentative schedule of both posters and topics.

Monday: Faculty/Alumni spotlight

Tuesday: Jared Hager – Masters in Sport Management – Various current issues in sport business

Wednesday: Scott Mittleman – Alumni and C0-Founder SF Fun Raiser – Sports in the Non-Profit Sector

Thursday: Mike McCarthy – MBA/Masters in Sport Management – Current Business Issues in Basketball

Friday: Brandon Alletto – MBA/Masters in Sport Management – Various current issues in sport business

Along with these regular contributions, we will also have intermittent posts from other students, faculty, and alumni and encourage anyone who wants to get involved to contact the blog. We hope that these posts will stimulate discussion about the current state of business in the sport industry and will shed light on relevant issues.

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