Quaternary Webinar

United States:
Wednesdays, 9-10am (East coast time)
Department of Geosciences, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Massachusetts
Department of Geology, University of Buffalo, SUNY
Department of Earth Sciences, University of Bergen, Norway
Department of Geology, University of Tromso (UIT), Norway
The University of Svalbard (UNIS), Norway
Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland
Lund University, Sweden
Department of Geography, Southampton University, UK
Department of Geography, Manchester University, UK
Department of Geography, University College London, UK

Schedule of Speakers

September 18th: Jason Briner, University of Buffalo
“Greenland Ice Sheet mass loss will exceed Holocene values this century”
[Aschwanden et al., 2019]
[Buizert et al., 2018]

September 25th: Simon Pendleton, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
“Glaciers, Plants, Rocks, and Unprecedented Warming in the Canadian Arctic”
[Pendleton et al., 2019]
[Pendleton et al., 2019]

October 2nd: Alexandra Rouillard, University of Tromso
“Reconstructing long-term biogeochemical cycling from lakes using paleogenomics”
[Dean et al., 2018]
[Pedersen et al., 2016]

October 9th: Alan Condron, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
“Troubles in Paleoclimatology: The deglacial meltwater problem”
[Abdul et al., 2016]
[Deschamps et al., 2012]

October 16th: Jo Brendryen, University of Bergen
“Revised marine 14C chronologies suggest that a collapse of Eurasian ice sheets 14,600 years ago was a major source of global Meltwater Pulse 1a”
[Brendryen et al., 2019]
[Deschamps et al., 2012]
[Waelbroeck et al., 2001]

October 23: Willem van der Bilt, University of Bergen
“Lake sediments reveal ice-free interval on northwest Spitsbergen during Last Glacial Maximum”
[Briner et al., 2007]

October 30th: Ívar Örn Benediktsson & Nína Aradóttir, University of Iceland
“Paleo-ice streams in NE Iceland”
[Principato et al., 2016]
[Stokes et al., 2018]

Note: Daylight savings ends on October 27th in Norway & the U.K. [no change in Iceland] and November 3rd in the U.S.

November 6th: Liviu Gosan, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
“The Climate Sediment Pump and the Sea Level Valve before and after the Mid-Pleistocene Transition”
[Giosan et al., 2017]

November 13th: Jamie Woodward, University of Manchester
“The Holocene Nile in Northern Sudan”

November 20th: Rebecca Smith, University of Massachusetts
“Plio-Pleistocene sea surface temperature variability in the Eastern Indian Ocean: multi-proxy organic geochemical records from IODP Site U1463 near the Indonesian Throughflow Outlet”
[Christensen et al., 2017]
[Karas et al., 2011]

December 4th: Don Rodbell, Union College
“An ~700,000 yr Continuous Record of Tropical Andean Glaciation and climate change from Lake Junín, Peru”
[Kanner et al., 2012]
[Rodbell et al., 2008]