International Quaternary Webinar: 2022

Wednesdays, 9-10am (Amherst / U.S. eastern time)

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Each Monday at 9am (Amherst / U.S. eastern time) a discussion of the readings recommended by the forthcoming speaker will be held, led by Dr Ann Rowan, University of Bergen. Discussion will be via the above Zoom link.

Schedule of Speakers

September 14th: Peter Abbot, University of Bern, Switzerland
“Volcanic records from the Greenland ice cores: Reconstructing the timing, magnitude and climatic impact of past volcanism”

September 21st: Yuxin Zhou, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
“PAtlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation instabilities during the last glacial cycle”

September 28th: Marcus Lofverstrom, University of Arizona, USA
“Gateways to glaciation”

October 5th: Michaela Fendrock, University at Buffalo, USA
“Uncovering Specifics of Heinrich Events with High Resolution Iceberg Modeling”

October 12th: Anne Jennings, University of Colorado, USA
“The human dimension of biodiversity changes on islands

October 19th: Jason Briner, University at Buffalo, USA
“Where to GreenDrill? Site selection for cosmogenic nuclide exposure dating of the bed of the Greenland Ice Sheet

October 26th: Kathryn Adamson, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
“Catchment processes in Greenlandic ice cap proglacial sediment records

Note: Daylight savings ends on October 30th in Norway & the U.K. [no change in Iceland], but on November 6th in the U.S., so the November 2nd webinar will be at 10 AM (Eastern time) in the U.S.

November 2nd: Chronis Tzedakis, University College, London, UK
“All interglacials are different, but some are more different than others: the case of MIS 11”

November 9th: (Back to 9 am) Hans Peter Sjerup, University of Bergen, Norway
“The last deglaciation of the Eurasian Ice sheet: a view from the ocean

November 16th: John Inge Svendsen, University of Bergen, Norway
“Climate and environmental changes in the Polar Urals over the last 70,000 years”

November 23rd: No speaker (U.S. Thanksgiving)

November 30th: Laura Larocca, University of Northern Arizona, USA
“Arctic glaciers and ice caps through the Holocene: a circumpolar synthesis of lake sediment-based reconstructions”

December 7th: Hubertus Fischer, University of Bern, Switzerland
“Ice cores and noble-gas based ocean temperatures”