Quaternary Webinar

United States:
Wednesdays, 9-10am (East coast time)
Department of Geosciences, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Massachusetts
Department of Geology, University of Buffalo, SUNY
INSTAAR, University of Colorado, Boulder
Department of Biological Sciences, University of Notre Dame, Indiana
Department of Earth Sciences, University of Bergen, Norway
Department of Geology, University of Tromso (UIT), Norway
The University of Svalbard (UNIS), Norway
Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland
Lund University, Sweden
Department of Geography, Durham University, UK
Department of Geography, Southampton University, UK
Department of Geography, Manchester University, UK
Department of Geography, University College London, UK

Schedule of Speakers

September 9th: Eystein Jansen, University of Bergen
“Past perspectives on the present era of abrupt Arctic climate change”
[Berben et al., 2020]
[Jansen et al., 2020]
[Sadatzki et al., 2020]
[Webinar Video]

September 16th: William Daniels, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
“Archaeal lipids record climate-driven changes in microbial ecology at Lake El’gygytgyn”
[Ahmed et al., 2018]
[Zhang et al., 2016]
[Webinar Video]

September 23th: Jerry McManus, Lamont Earth Observatory, Columbia University
“Icebergs in the subpolar and subtropical North Atlantic Ocean during the last ice age”
[Bassis et al., 2017]
[Heinrich, 1988]
[Henry et al., 2016]
[Webinar Video]

September 30th: Greg de Wet, Smith College and Lorelei Curtin, University of Wyoming
“The arrival of people in the Faroe Islands and their impacts on the environment based on lake sediment biomarker records and sedimentary DNA”
[de Wet et al., 2020]
[Webinar Video]

October 7th: Willem van der Bilt, University of Bergen
“Slackwater sediments reveal moderate magnitude of canyon-carving outburst floods on Iceland”
[Baynes et al., 2014]
[Webinar Video]

October 14th: Aslaug Geirsdottir, University of Iceland
“Dynamic Younger Dryas-Early Holocene deglaciation evidenced in Icelandic lacustrine settings”
[Geirsdóttir et al., 1997]
[Geirsdóttir et al., 2000]
[Hannesdóttir et al., 2009]
[Webinar Video]

October 21st: Allison Cluett, University at Buffalo, SUNY
“Summer warmth of the past six interglacials on Greenland”
[de Vernal and Hillaire-Marcel, 2008]
[Reyes et al., 2014]
[Webinar Video]

Note: Daylight savings ends on October 25th in Norway & the U.K. [no change in Iceland], but on Nov 1st in the U.S., so the Oct 28th webinar will be at 10 AM in the US (Eastern time)

October 28th: Wesley Farnsworth, University of Iceland
“Ocean-rafted pumice constrains post-glacial relative sea-level and supports Holocene ice cap survival”
[Salvigsen, 1984]
[Porsteinsdóttir et al., 2016]
[Webinar Video]

November 4th: (Back to 9 AM) Brice Rea, University of Aberdeen
“Atmospheric circulation over Europe during the Younger Dryas”
[Kuhlemann et al., 2008]
[Pellitero et al., 2016]
[Schenk et al., 2018]
[Webinar Video]

November 11th: John England, University of Alberta
“The opening of Bering Strait”
[England and Furze, 2008]
[England et al., 2009]
[Webinar Video]

November 18th: Paola Moffa-Sánchez, Durham University
“North Atlantic changes across the Common Era”
[Moffa-Sánchez and Hall, 2017]
[Moffa-Sánchez et al., 2019]
[Webinar Video]

November 25th:  no speaker (U.S. Thanksgiving)

December 2nd: Jonathan Raberg, University of Colorado and University of Iceland
“Extending the brGDGT paleotemperature proxy to high latitudes: Insights from new lake sediment calibrations”
[Russell et al., 2018]
[Harning et al., 2020]
[Webinar Video]

December 9th: Anna Hughes, University of Manchester & University of Bergen
“Synchronous ice margin reconstructions of the Eurasian Ice Sheets: an update (DATED-2)”
[Hughes et al., 2016]
[Patton et al., 2017]
[Webinar Video]