International Quaternary Webinar: 2022

Wednesdays, 9-10am (Amherst / U.S. eastern time)

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Each Monday at 9am (Amherst / U.S. eastern time) a discussion of the readings recommended by the forthcoming speaker will be held, led by Dr Ann Rowan, University of Bergen. Discussion will be via this Zoom Meeting:
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Schedule of Speakers

September 14th: Peter Abbott, University of Bern, Switzerland
“Volcanic records from the Greenland ice cores: Reconstructing the timing, magnitude and climatic impact of past volcanism”
Abbott et al., 2021
[webinar video]

September 21st: Yuxin Zhou, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
“Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation instabilities during the last glacial cycle”
Zhou and McManus, 2022
[webinar video]

September 28th: Marcus Lofverstrom, University of Arizona, USA
“Gateways to glaciation”

Lofverstrom et al., 2022
[webinar video]

October 5th: Michaela Fendrock, University at Buffalo, USA
“Uncovering Specifics of Heinrich Events with High Resolution Iceberg Modeling”
Fendrock et al., 2022
[webinar video]

October 12th: Anne Jennings, University of Colorado, USA
“Arctic ice shelf sediment facies: the what, when, where, why and how”
Jennings et al., 2022
[webinar video]

October 19th: Jason Briner, University at Buffalo, USA
“Where to GreenDrill? Site selection for cosmogenic nuclide exposure dating of the bed of the Greenland Ice Sheet

Briner et al., 2022
[webinar video]

October 26th: Kathryn Adamson, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
“Catchment processes in Greenlandic ice cap proglacial sediment records

Adamson et al., 2022
[webinar video]

Note: Daylight savings ends on October 30th in Norway & the U.K. [no change in Iceland], but on November 6th in the U.S., so the November 2nd webinar will be at 10 AM (Eastern time) in the U.S.

November 2nd: Chronis Tzedakis, University College, London, UK
“All interglacials are different, but some are more different than others: the case of MIS 11”
Tzedakis et al., 2022
[webinar video]

November 9th: (Back to 9 am) Hans Peter Sejrup, University of Bergen, Norway
“The last deglaciation of the Eurasian Ice sheet: a view from the ocean

Sejrup et al., 2022
[webinar video]

November 16th: John Inge Svendsen, University of Bergen, Norway
“Climate and environmental changes in the Polar Urals over the last 70,000 years”
Svendsen et al., 2018

[webinar video]

November 23rd: No speaker (U.S. Thanksgiving)

November 30th: Laura Larocca, University of Northern Arizona, USA
“Arctic glaciers and ice caps through the Holocene: a circumpolar synthesis of lake sediment-based reconstructions”
Larocca and Axford, 2022
[webinar video]

December 7th: Hubertus Fischer, University of Bern, Switzerland
“Ice cores and noble-gas based ocean temperatures”
Baggenstos et al., 2019
Baggenstos supplement
[webinar video]