Research study the first to comprehensively account for the hydrological impact of lithium mining

In a new study published in the journal Earth’s Future, David Boutt, postdoctoral associate Brendan Moran and colleagues at the University of Alaska-Anchorage investigated two of the most important factors in determining whether lithium is obtained responsibly: the age and source of the water the lithium is found in. Additional detail of the study is detailed in the UMass news release and journal article.

New Study Links Sixth-century Droughts to the Rise of Islam

Ray Bradley and Stephen Burns are coauthors on a new paper published in the journal Science that links sixth century droughts in the ancient South Arabian kingdom of Himya with the rise of Islam. The research suggests, not surprisingly, that climate history is an important factor in the history of human civilization. Read more in the UMass news release and the journal article.