About Us

Climate System Research Center

DirectorRaymond S. Bradley
Associate Director Michael A. Rawlins

Earth’s climate system is undergoing a period of rapid change as a result of man-made interference with the climate system, superimposed on underlying natural variability. Changes are occurring at an unprecedented rate, with profound risks and consequences for all organisms on earth. The course of future interactions between climate and human society hinges upon policy decisions which must be based upon modern climate science. Climate change has become a challenging scientific issue for this generation and the next.

The Climate System Research Center is a research facility of the University of Massachusetts. Our research is focused on the climate system, climatic variability and global change issues, from contemporary climate variations, their causes and consequences, to paleoclimatic and paleoenvironmental changes.

The Climate System Research Center brings together graduate students, post-docs, research scientists, and University faculty who are all interested in different aspects of the climate system and its variability in time and space. The result is a stimulating environment for the exchange of ideas and expertise.