Gallery of Mechanics

NEW.Mech includes the component “Gallery of Mechanics” for video presentations. For this event we are soliciting movies that display research in the New England community in any field suitable to be considered for NEW.Mech. As we describe in detail later there is an award for the best entries.

Movies have become an integral part of the arsenal of instruments used to communicate scientific research. An ever growing number of forums including conference events and supplementary information sections of scientific publications are incorporating movies in their dissemination formats. Undoubtedly, movies will be playing a much greater role in the scientific communication and we bring to the New England mechanics community a glimpse of the future.

The conditions for the “Gallery of Mechanics” competition are designed to highlight the unique advantages of the movie format without compromising the scientific precision and rigor of the communication.

Movie Conditions

  • Each movie must be less than 60 secs long. There must be no need to pause the movie to completely appreciate its content. The audio stream of the movie will be muted.
  • Each submission must have a title that succinctly describes the research topic and possibly with an artistic spin. The title will be used to identify the submission. Only one entry is accepted from each first author contributor.
  • Each submission must have a 250 word abstract that describes the scientific background behind the movie, and the method to acquire the movie. The abstract will be circulated at the Gallery and will also be used to determine the eligibility and scientific merit of the entry for ranking purposes.
  • The ranking will be based on 1. overall artistic impact (primary), and 2. the scientific merit (secondary) of the contribution.

The submitted movies will pass through a moderation round for assuring adherence to the above rules and suitability for NEW.Mech forum. All the approved movies will be displayed in the common spaces at the workshop during coffee breaks and lunch, and be considered for the award competition. A panel of faculty members will be appointed to determine the top three ranked entries from the approved.

The selected movies will be displayed in a public forum, so please include the day of a signed copyright notice and make sure to exclude any proprietary or confidential information. You own the copyrights to your movie, and you give us permission to display them at the “Gallery of Mechanics.”